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PHP Developer

Responsibilities/Job Role:
  • Participate in a creation of a very large scale web application (PHP/MySQL, 300+ million users, over 1 billion dynamic requests to the backend daily) and see the results of your efforts in a matter of days
  • Write backend code and design databases, no client-side coding required
  • Actively participate in the whole process of development, from initial design to deployment and support
  • Proactively communicate with colleagues, discuss applications design
  • Suggest and implement high-tech, innovative solutions
  • Optimise web applications, look for bottlenecks and, as and when necessary, implement visualisation and monitoring systems
Key skills and experience:
  • Proven web application development experienceExpert knowledge of PHP — strong and weak sides of the language, OOP in PHP, patterns, etc.
  • Experience in relational databases and SQL, preferably MySQL
  • Understanding how to optimise and fine-tune web applications that use MySQL
  • Broad experience with general Internet and Web technologies including different protocols, HTML, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of *nix console environment
  • Knowledge of popular project tracking tools (JIRA) and version control systems (Git)
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