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Product Design Lead

OK, so here’s the big pitch. We’re the Badoo design team. We’re behind some of the world’s biggest dating brands and products, including BadooBumbleLumen and Chappy. Our apps used by over 550 million people worldwide. At the moment we’re a team of 20+ and we’re always growing. Check out our website and Instagram to get to know us better.We’re looking for a new product design lead. We want to work with an experienced and ambitious leader who has impressive history of launching great products, but still is hungry to learn and achieve more.
What you will focus on:
  • Product design. You’ll lead and oversee product design for several dating products, define general design approach of a product and work towards the highest design standards possible.
  • People. You’ll work with designers to help, coach and mentor them with their projects. Leading by example, you’ll uphold our values and contributing to the product design community. You’ll also be a partner to engineering, marketing, research and content.
  • Process. You’ll implement best practice, define and scale processes and structure the product design team.
Who you are:
  • You have 10+ years design experience with portfolio of delivered designs. You’ve shipped products and understand what it takes to craft valuable experiences for people.
  • You have significant experience leading, coaching and directly managing a design team at consumer-focused product companies.
  • You’re a fantastic communicator and storyteller, together with analytical thinking and problem-solving capability. 
  • You have a people-focused design mentality. You’re constantly looking to refine your work and have experience with user feedback, whether through hands-on user research, or designing options for A/B tests.
  • You are someone who thrives in fast-paced and demanding environments.
Why you should come and join us:
  • It’s a fast-paced environment with over 300 developers to help implement your ideas. You’ll design and launch here more than everywhere else.
  • We have quite a small product team and everyone wears multiple hats. You’ll learn a lot.
  • We have over 550 million people using our products worldwide. You will literally design for hundreds of millions.
  • Thanks to our products, people meet, start families and have families. You’ll help the world connect to each other.
  • We’re constantly launching new products. Bumble, Lumen and Chappy to name a few. You’ll be a part of a new global success story.
  • We earn a lot and we invest in people. You’ll get the budget to attend two international conferences per year, sign up to courses of your choosing and shape your career.
  • We have fantastic perks. You’ll be spoiled by amazing and daily catered buffets for breakfasts and lunches, daily massages at your desk, haircuts in our salon, sports activities, team-builds and much more.
10 signs you should be working here:
  • You’re open to responsibility. Your design decisions could turn single-serving takeaways into wedding cakes all around the world.
  • You’re proud of ownership. New projects can be like unruly children: you’ll be an integral part of getting them out the door.
  • You’re flexible. We like processes, but we don’t like-like them - we care more about getting stuff done than checking boxes.
  • You’re comfortable working fast. Design is like banter: it needs to be good, but it’s also gotta be quick off the mark.
  • You’re no lone wolf. We’re a team: sometimes that means having broad shoulders and sometimes that means leaning on them.
  • You love to learn. If our training scheme doesn’t make you go weak at the knees, we don’t know what will.
  • You’re happy outside your comfort zone. No pipes or slippers here: we’re all about stretching our limits to find out exactly how far we can go. 
  • You like hanging out with seriously talented people. We’ve got lots of those.
  • You love a good perk. And trust us when we say there are many.
  • You want more than just a job. We’re literally the kid who throws all the cool parties, as well as team builds, sports events and more.
5 signs it maybe isn’t for you:
  • You favour process over results: box checking has its place, but finished projects are better.
  • You’re after perfection:“it’ll be functioning in a week” is better than“it’ll be perfect in a year… hopefully…”
  • You believe in sticking to your lane: being great at one specific thing doesn’t mean you can’t get stuck in.
  • You’re after diplomacy above all else: it’s better to voice an opinion that could help a project than say nothing and watch it fail.
  • You don’t think all feedback is valid: we think our designers are great, of course, but design is not exclusively the territory of designers. It should always be a collaborative creation - sorry, not sorry for the buzzword.
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